Wild Wellness is an Australian first – a merging of medical professionals, decades of experience and global thought leaders – delivered through wild retreats and online courses.

It’s the latest antidote to modern life stresses; a wholesome script to wellness delivered across online courses at your pace.

If you're seeking a lifestyle recalibration, Wild Wellness is for you. Based on a personally proven blueprint for wellness, we take years of science-backed knowledge and condense it into days. Think virtual GP-hosted chats, guided morning ocean plunges & NLP practitioner-led body scans. It's all right here.

There are two Wild Wellness pathways; the first for those seeking to optimise general well-being through a holistic approach. This might be for you if you can’t stick to a healthy diet long term or struggle with life balance. The second, is for those keen to shift their relationship with alcohol and enjoy the process.

Choose your path and start right now. We don’t believe it takes years to recover or find wellness. It might take years to reach a point where you’re ready, but change can happen in a moment. Sometimes it just takes the right roadmap. 

Hi, I’m Alice

More than two decades of personal experience is behind this course - so that you can enjoy wilder wellness in days. I've gathered experts from across the globe to craft a blueprint that can be tailored just for you.